Broken. How Being Broken UNLOCKED

The Greatest Success of my Life

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If you or someone you care about has been BROKEN, this book is FOR YOU!

Have you ever wondered how you got here?


Did you think things would be “different” at this point in your life? 


Does it feel like there's no going back, no possibility to become the person you were created to be ...NOW that you’ve been Broken?


I thought my life was over.

     Everything I believed about myself was destroyed.

           My identity was ruined.


What comes next when you don’t know who you are anymore? 


Am I more qualified or less qualified now that I’ve failed


Our culture is a culture of hero worship. We celebrate success and expect our wounded to perform on their deathbed.


My raw and vulnerable story of brokenness ripped from me everything I thought was true. I didn’t know how to move forward. 


I had my chance and blew it.

I was branded a failure and there was no escaping it. 


But here's what you need to know, if you still want to fulfill your Highest Created Purpose. 

  • The MASKS we have worn don't define who we really are.

    When you're broken, your identity is fractured. The mask you've become comfortable with that defines your identity to others, is BROKEN. often it's more difficult to deal with the devastation of our own identity than the cause of its demise.  


    HOWEVER, there is FREEDOM from the mask. Your greatest satisfaction is always slave to the mask and you can have freedom once it's BROKEN. 

  • Pursuing someone else's Definition of Success is an unsatisfying LOOP


    LIFE is filled with the endless EXPECTATION to perform.


    In fact, the VALIDATION we crave seems dependent on living UP to someone else's Definition of Success (what I call our DoS). So, we become PERFORMERS / ACTORS and the role we play becomes our identity. 




    What if ... it takes being BROKEN to find the satisfaction and peace that you were always designed for?  


    What if Brokenness could become the ultimate FREEDOM to be yourself?

  • Circumstances cannot define Success


    Circumstances can NEVER be the measure of our value.  


    I know it sounds crazy. I always believed that the framework defining my life was best EVIDENCED in my circumstances.   If God loves and approves of me, He blesses me, right?  


    But... when circumstances become the measure of our success and our self-worth, we are a SLAVE to short term performance that tweaks circumstances to our limited view of the big picture.   


    It's time to learn how being BROKEN can actually UNLOCK the chains that have been holding you captive to circumstantial evidence of value and success.  

There is so much MORE I want to share with you about the power of being Broken to create momentum toward Breakthrough. The graphic and overwhelming story of my own BROKEN JOURNEY will help you realize you're not alone and there is HOPE beyond that horrible feeling of helplessness.  


This is your opportunity to let freedom come through the pain of being Broken. Share this with the ones you care about who need Breakthrough. 

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Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and let me share my story.  I look forward to hearing from you. 




Greg Yates

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